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Mindful Multi Family Show

Jan 28, 2021

Ian Djuric is the managing member of the Djuric Family Office overseeing the family's real estate portfolio and equity investments for the past several years. The family office invests as both a GP and sole owner and has an ownership interest in over 3,200 multifamily units. Prior to running the family office full time, Mr. Djuric had a prolific career in the waste management industry. Mr. Djuric owned/managed four (4) highly successful waste management companies. Each firm Mr. Djuric launched was repositioned then sold to competitors and/or private equity. Ian’s growth-focused sales experience coupled with a 12-year track record as a detailed operations executive allows Mr. Djuric to continue to grow and efficiently run the family office’s real estate holdings. He also enjoys day trading as a hobby with a 252% return on investment this past year.

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