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Mindful Multi Family Show

Apr 17, 2021

Josh Ferrari grew up not knowing anything about finances or investing. He always thought he was just going to work until he was 65, retire on a farm out in the country, and travel with his wife to see the world. He had no background in financial education and seriously hated school. Yet, somehow the idea of investments caught his attention when he read that famous book titled “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki.

His eyes got big, his mind opened wide and he began diving into the idea of wealth creation. “How am I possibly going to ever make enough money to live the lifestyle I want and create a legacy and stability for my family?” Then he found real estate.

Josh specializes in raising private capital, locating, negotiating, & acquiring value-add multifamily assets, and teaching others how to follow in his footsteps.

Josh has grown to have a passion like no other for multifamily real estate. His journey started 2 and a half years ago when he bought his first multifamily property which was a fourplex. His experience throughout that journey has given him the needed expertise in managing contractors, subcontractors, and materials for multi-unit rehabilitations.

Josh’s ability to manage other people’s money as a financial coach positions him to be a high-class asset manager & financial investor. His ability to raise private money has gotten him the title of primary capital raiser at over $7,000,000 raised in his less than 3-year real estate investing journey. He currently has over $4MM AUM which equates to 90 units in his portfolio.


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