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Mindful Multi Family Show

Jan 17, 2024

Our company is ACME Development Group that is operated by our GC, Alex Montero, and Alberto Bernardoni (me). I started investing in real estate after I fleeing the dictatorship in Venezuela and relocating to Houston, TX. The oil & gas industry is where I originally started working in the USA until the 2008 recession which led to me being laid off and desperate to find an opportunity to satisfy my ambition, real estate investing. I grew my portfolio from two SFR worth 300K to a commercial portfolio worth 6.5 million all in just eighteen months. Now me and my partner are growing our portfolio through multifamily developments that offer our investors 12% COC returns in six months. I'm looking forward to speak with you and explain how developments are a low-risk option for multifamily investors who are weary of high-inflation, high interest rates, and recessions.