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Mindful Multi Family Show

Jun 16, 2021

I’ve had an exciting and eclectic life. I’m a single mum and an ex-athlete. I hold a Ph.D. in nothing to do with real estate. I’ve also spent more than half my life managing rental properties. No matter what else I did, I was always managing properties as a sideline. I love this business! Property management has allowed me to have an extraordinary life. This is what’s great about being a professional landlord. It offers exceptional potential for leveraging time and money. Landlording helped finance my Ph.D. It gave me the time I needed to train, so I could become a world-class athlete. As a business owner and single parent, investment property offers me the kind of security and financial stability so many single mothers don’t have. I’m grateful for my experiences in the industry.


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Podcast- Mindful Multi-Family show

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