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Mindful Multi Family Show

Jul 14, 2021

I spent the first 10 years of my career owning multiple small businesses. During that time I felt the overwhelming stress of banks and the government having control over my income.

Like most business owners, cash flow was always a challenge. Having the hard-earned money I did actually receive held captive in savings & retirement accounts that were illiquid and offered next to no growth left me frustrated.

There was a lot I did not understand about the investing and banking industry. I knew that the ultra-wealthy had insider knowledge of strategies for protecting and growing wealth so I was determined to break my way in.

Fast forward a few years to me selling my businesses and becoming a full-time sales professional. I found myself making great commissions each month but fell back into the same trap of having no idea where to safely stick my earnings.

I read dozens of books, interviews, and courses on the topic I finally stumbled upon this concept of leveraging cash value life insurance as a savings asset. This strategy gave me the liquidity, hedge against market volatility, and the safe, consistent growth I was looking for.

My life insurance policies became a saving grace for me that changed my financial future. I became obsessed with spreading the message of this strategy and found that many high income earners and entrepreneurs in my network wanted the same for themselves.

We grew Leveraged Life Management from a strong desire to help professionals escape uncertainty and adopt a strategy that gives them the safety and protection they need. 


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