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Mindful Multi Family Show

Aug 16, 2021

Kent is a husband, father of three, and a full-time real estate investor. 

Apartment investing has provided Kent the freedom to do what he loves with who he loves. Now his purpose is to provide opportunities for others to achieve the same success he’s experienced by investing alongside him.

Kent is currently the VP of Investor Success for Birge & Held. Since 2008, Birge & Held has acquired 13,500 apartment units and currently holds $1.1 billion in AUM. Their 12-year track record, complete vertical integration, and 8-hour, rapid rehabs set them apart and bring unparalleled value to their investors.

Additionally, Kent is the founder of the Indianapolis Multifamily Investing Meetup where he helps investors make informed decisions through short videos focused on breaking down complex investing topics.

Prior to joining Birge and Held, Kent invested passively in 1,300 units and founded a boutique syndication firm named Hudson Investing in 2018.

Before falling in love with real estate, Kent was a partner in a management consulting firm where he held several key leadership positions and played a central role in growing the business from 6 to 95 employees and $30MM in revenue in 6 years.


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