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Mindful Multi Family Show

Mar 19, 2022

Bruce began working in real estate in 2001 with tax lien foreclosures. It was during this time he learned how to research public records, to understand how title works and the legal side of real estate. He soon realized the huge opportunity in pursuing vacant homes that were not in tax lien foreclosure. By the summer of the 2002 he had picked up 3 investment homes, a duplex & a triplex. In the first year and a half he was introduced to private financing, deal partnering, cash flow and forced equity.

In October of 2002 Bruce partnered with Jack Martin to form Bakerson, LLC. Bruce's knowledge for title work coupled with his ability and experience in research as well as his passion for the legal side of real estate makes each transaction that much more secure.

Efficient systems within the organization are key to profitability and expansion. Bruce has a unique ability to build new systems as well as streamline existing ones.

Prior to real estate Bruce was an executive recruiter for four years; two years in Minneapolis and two years in Chicago. During these four years he was the top recruiter for the company. He quickly learned what it meant to keep a full pipeline of activity. The training and experience he learned in human relations as a recruiter is invaluable.

Bruce grew up in family bakery business in Minnesota. He started working with his father part-time in 1980. Over the next 16 years he was able to work in all areas of the business from baking to cake decorating to sales to deliveries. Each one of these departments gave Bruce a unique perspective to life and business: efficiency is key and life is all about the relationships we build.


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