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Mindful Multi Family Show

May 10, 2022

Andrew is co-founder and COO at Watson Living and a general partner at Cavstone Investments, a residential real estate investment, management, and development firm based in California. He holds a bachelor's degree from UCLA and an executive education in artificial intelligence from MIT Sloan.

Watson Living makes rent rewarding. We enable multifamily owners and managers to offer their residents personalized cash loyalty and rewards programs that incentivize things like paying rent on time, renewing a lease, and engaging in a community event, along with deals from local and online merchants. The operators get happier residents, increased leasing velocity, higher tenant retention, reduced delinquency, improved online reputation, resident behavior insights, and more. Residents get a way to earn cash for being a good tenant, save money on things they need, and build credit via rent payment reporting to credit bureaus. Neighborhood businesses get local, sustained traffic. Online brands get exposure to movers with high spending intent. Everyone wins!



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