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Mindful Multi Family Show

Mar 1, 2023

Jennings is the CEO of My First Million in Multifamily, co-creator of the coaching and mentor program The Deal Room and the host of Unlock Your Life Podcast. In 2013, Jennings started to purchase rental real estate, and in 2019 moved into commercial real estate, amassing a portfolio of apartment complexes, self storage, and mobile home parks. In three years, his portfolio has grown to over $60,000,000 in value, comprising over 1500 rental units, with $800,000 a month in rents collected. Jennings’ passion for real estate and business has blossomed into the education company, My First Million In Multifamily. Boasting the fastest growing and most engaged community on Facebook, the group has over 24,000 members in less than 2 years. With over 300 subscribers paying monthly, his courses and educational products have broken $750,000 in revenue in less than a year. Jennings and his business partner, Yeadon Smith, host a weekly show in the group, as well as running their mentoring program, The Deal Room. Applicants who are accepted into this elite program gain access to their full multifamily course, with live mentoring. 

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