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Mindful Multi Family Show

Oct 19, 2019

Alex Babayev began his real estate career at the young age of 21, when he bought his first condo in Atlanta, GA. Ever since the sale of that first property, Alex has maintained a passion for buying and selling real estate and has never looked back.

Today, Alex enjoys fruitful relationships with other investors across the country who value his expert insights into property flipping, as well as his commitment to close deals that have real value for all parties involved. For Alex, cash is king. It allows him greater freedom to close deals quickly, stay competitive, and maintain a rock-solid portfolio, and he loves teaching others how to leverage this same

Currently, Alex specializes in value-add renovations, maximizing client ROI. Alex also works with investors from across the country who are curious about investing in real estate but who may not have the time, experience or knowledge, but do have the capital to invest. Alex manages the project from start to finish: asset acquisition, renovation, and ultimately asset disposition for a profitable short term gain.

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