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Mindful Multi Family Show

Feb 17, 2021

Kenny Estes has 10 years as a High-Frequency Trader (HFT), coding and creating mathematical models to trade listed companies worldwide Kenny understands edge and value. Helped grow Getco, an elite HFT firm, from a 15 employee startup to a 1,500 employee public company. He worked in both Chicago and London. He also founded and managed a boutique alternative asset fund. In his free time, Kenny enjoys setting challenges for himself. He’s an Ironman, a private pilot, an advanced open water SCUBA diver, a passably good skier, and a lover of travel. Kenny is married with two children. 

Ayla Kremb is the Chief of Staff at Diffuse where she focuses on building a network of VCs, Institutional Investors, and Startups via virtual events and content. She structures, brands, and promotes Diffuse's VC in Box clients. Ayla also syndicates and vets startup deals with Diffuse's ecosystem of connectors and investors.