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Mindful Multi Family Show

Dec 20, 2023

His career began as an aerospace engineer, Charles Hamilton starting at Structural Dynamics Research Corporation (SDRC), a Computer Aided Design (CAD) company, straight out of college. During his tenure at SDRC, Charles held various positions, including sales, lead application engineer, customer service engineer, and project manager. Notably, his contributions in assisting Xerox with CAD system work processes earned him commendation and played a key role in securing Xerox as the second-largest account for SDRC upon their adoption of the CAD system.

Transitioning into software development, Charles served as a project manager at Booz Allen Hamilton, Spaceworks, and Digital Harbor. At Booz Allen Hamilton, he managed projects of diverse scales, engaged in consulting, and pursued an MBA to complement his skill set.

His involvement in real estate commenced after his father's passing, where Charles assumed responsibility for overseeing a 4-lot mobile home park and a single-family home rental. Drawing from his accumulated experience, his objective is to further invest in multifamily units and hotels.

As a member of a team, Charles recently concluded the acquisition of a 65-unit apartment complex in Charlotte, NC. His roles in this venture include being a General Partner (GP) and a Limited Partner (LP), with the deal finalized on August 10, 2023. Additionally, he actively contributes to the asset management team for this property.