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Mindful Multi Family Show

May 12, 2021

At age 13, Derek’s journey as an entrepreneur began with the neighborhood phone directory & cold calling 120+ homes to pitch his lawn care services, with equipment he didn’t yet own! With sheer persistence & an innate affinity for marketing, he landed 35+ clients that year, spawning this young entrepreneur.

After graduating with a degree in Marketing, Derek headed into “big corporate”. Quickly moving up the ranks with companies such as ADP, Covidien & Allergan, he amassed key learnings, though he felt his ability to influence necessary change was caged. So he made a career & life-altering decision to go out on his own. He ADAPTed.

From 2012-Present Derek founded & ran 3 highly successful organizations in the medical field. Over the years, his companies have scaled national sales teams to exceed 2500+, developed cutting edge software, & disrupted an industry that desperately needed it.

Through both personal & professional journeys, Derek has become fascinated & committed to helping people/businesses execute the change needed to grow and thrive. Through this passion, Adapt You & Adapt Media were born.

With the top-ranked “Adapt You” Podcast & focus on impacting others, Derek has rubbed elbows with influencers such as Tony Robins, David Goggins, & James “The Ironcowboy” Lawrence. He helps his personal coaching clients tap into who they are, what they want & who they wish to become.

Derek’s Adapt Media Agency inspires businesses to change how they market themselves. He believes change is both an art and a science. Steadfast in his commitment to helping others navigate this challenging process, Derek is the person individuals & businesses look to take bold steps towards radical change.


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