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Mindful Multi Family Show

May 26, 2021

Guido Nunez is a multi-family real estate entrepreneur. In 2011, Guido was laid off; causality of the “great recession”. He quickly learned the risks associated with only relying on your W2 employment. Since those days, Guido has returned to corporate life, but now focuses on diversifying income streams.

Guido Nunez is a multi-family real estate entrepreneur. He owns ChrisLina Wealth Partners (CWP), a real estate multi-family investment venture, which currently has $10M AUM. Guido is a General Partner (GP) in $15M in additional real estate assets. In total, Guido is in 190 doors, across California, Tennessee, and South Carolina. Most notably, he has accomplished this success, while balancing a full-time W2 career.

Guido has 20 years of experience in the consumer products industry, with top-tier global companies. He holds an MBA, and is a 2nd-degree black belt and full marathoner.


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