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Mindful Multi Family Show

Oct 15, 2020

Chris Salerno CEO of QC Captial and founder of Mindful Multi-Family show and podcast discusses with Lennon how to find high net worth investors.
- Lennon is the founder/principal at BLD Capital Group, a boutique investment firm focused exclusively on multifamily real estate.
- Alongside his investment partners and investors, he has been involved in the acquisition of over 1,500 units of multifamily real estate with an approximate market value of $150 million.
- A full-time investor based in Miami, FL, Lennon is also the founder of The Multifamily Investing Club, a knowledge-sharing and networking community providing an educational and relationship-building platform for local multifamily real estate investors.
- Co-host of Se Habla Real Estate, the first-ever real estate investing podcast in Spanish.
- Author of the Passive Multifamily Real Estate Investing Book.
- Lennon was born and raised in Venezuela and moved to the US in 2010.


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